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Abbey Predator Ultra (Red Gas) - 700ml

Abbey Predator Ultra (Red Gas) - 700ml

Abbey Ultra Gas is our mid-power airsoft gas designed to keep your rifle’s muzzle energy under control in those warmer climates. It’ll also help elevate the muzzle energy of lightweight plastic pistols in the colder weather where it may be too cold for a less powerful gas, such as 144a.

Bottles are available in both 700ml large bottles, and handy skirmishable 270ml bottles. These bottles also come with an o-ring friendly polymer fill nozzle. This helps protect fill valve o-rings from damage when filling in cold climates.

Medium Pressure
Ultra Gas is the perfect pressure to reduce the muzzle energy of an airsoft rifle that’s firing too high on a hot day when using a stronger airsoft gas, like Abbey Vertex.
However, it’s strong enough to keep light plastic airsoft pistols cycling when it gets too cold for lighter airsoft gases, such as Abbey 144a.

Suspended Lubricant
Abbey airsoft gases feature a suspended lubricant. This lubricant is designed to remain suspended in the gas and doesn’t settle in the bottle or magazine. This means there’s no need to shake the bottle before refill, and the lubricant constantly keeps o-rings fresh and sealed whilst the magazine is charged.

Other lubricants found in gases, such as silicone, will settle to the bottom of the can and magazine and cause potential operation problems between metal components.

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